Skincare | Top 4

After years of researching and trying out products for my skin, I ended up with these four beauties. I tried a dozen of brands; from Clinique and Shiseido to Clean & Clear and Nivea... Nothing seemed to work. I have quite difficult skin; I'm prone to eczema during wintertime - yes, it somtimes even gets on my face - but I also do have more oily spots on my forehead an chin, especially during summer. So these are my top 4 skincare products. Ever since I've discovered the facewash from Louis Widmer, I'm buying it over and over again. This stuff makes my skin feel fresh and if I wash my face once a day it helps me fight blemishes. Love it. By the way, I also use a nightcream (not pictured), it's the blue version of the cream you can see in the picture.

Make up remover - Vichy
Face wash - Louis Widmer
Scrub - HEMA
Moisturizer - Biocura

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  1. Ik heb ook al heel positieve dingen gehoord over de nachtcrème van Louis Widmer. En toch ook niet zo duur eh? Ik ben nu producten van Roc aan het gebruiken, ben ik best wel tevreden over :)

    1. Ja het ik een heel fijn merk! De prijzen liggen gemiddeld tussen de 15 en 30 euro, dus gewone middenklasse. Maar voor de kwaliteit is het inderdaad niet veel geld!

  2. Great post!! I usin Nivea, almost everything from Nivea skin care, but lately I've been using Vichy, even for my hair, and I have to say that I'm very satisfied!!!

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    thank you, Miss B.