Almost a year has passed by and a lot of things have changed. And altough it has been a long time since I've blogged, I never forgot the amount of energy and inspiration it brought into my life. I do not (and can't) promise to post as regularly as I used to in the first month when I started my blog but you'll see me post every now and then. When I feel inspired to do so :) Sometimes uni can be pretty limiting when you want to express your creativity and this is a perfect way for me to write down my inspiration and maybe, inspire you as well. So hello blogworld, I'm back.




honestly WTF
ARM CANDY - Oh how much I love these bracelets. I just can't get enough. After creating the hex nut bracelet I just couldn't get these babies out of my mind. I've purchased some goodies online to create some more. Can you guess which one it will be?



INSTAWEEK - So here are some shots I took during the last twp weeks on my phone.

1. Painted my nails in a peach color
2. Went to the World Press photo and saw some shocking pictures
3. Had dinner with my parents and grandma at a lovely restaurant nearby the water
4. Waiting with a friend during an experiment at uni
5. My favourite hair tie
6. A sneak peak of my outfit
7. Relaxing in the sun with my beloved jumpsuit
8. A snapshot from my summer wardrobe, i cannot wait to wear this stuff



ZARA LOOKBOOK JUNE - How fresh and clean are these looks from ZARA! I really think you should go and check out their lookbook this month. It's full of unique and inspirational pieces, great for summer. But mostly I like the timeless look of these outfits. Not only great this season but also for 2013 or even 2014 if you ask me. Enjoy your weekend!



NAILPOLISH COLLECTION - I tought it would be nice to show you my nailpolish collection. Just to inspire you with some colors or styles you can wear. Because my nailpolish collection is quite big (at least, too big to show you in one blogpost), I decided to categorize my polishes by color. Today I'm showing you colors I think every girl should have; pinks and nudes. A great way to give your nails a polished, sophisticated look.

From left to right:

1. Hema long lasting nail polish number 191. A bright, fuchsia color. Love to wear it when my hands are a bit tanned.
2. Dior vernis in 478. This is a pink.purple-ish color, quite a classic color.
3. O.P.I. nail polish in Cosmo not tonight honey! A pretty pink pearl.
4. KIKO nail polish in 211. A light, seethrough pink.
5. Essence nail polish in 04 Iced latte. Love these little nudes polishes. This one is a lightbrown with pink undertones. I love the fact that it has no shimmer.
6. Wild & More in number 15. I almost always wear this one on my toenails.
7. Essence color & go in 05 Sweet as candy. Looks a lot like the one from KIKO but is this one is a bit more sheer.
8.  O.P.I. nail polish in Dulche de leche. A pink with a quite brown undertone. The perfect nude, in my opinion.
9. H&M nail polish in Pink mist. A creamy light pink. Also great with tanned skin.
10. Essence nail polish in 03 Cookies and cream



DAGMAR - So here is the item from Are you Swedish? I got in the mail yesterday. There was a giveaway on their facebook page and I was one of the 10 lucky people who won. I am so happy with this simple canvas bag from Dagmar. Great for going to the beach, park or college. Basically everything, What do you think?



ARE YOU SWEDISH? - Just a little teaser for tomorrow's blogpost. Curious? Be sure to check glowfromtheinsideout!