White is more

- I found these pictures on the web and do not claim to own them nor made them myself, they are only inspirational. All credit goes to the ones who made it -
I don't know whether it was the snow or all those wonderfull blogposts, but lately I have been loving the all white look. Not really the best timing but it's nice to daydream about summer, right?


Temperature is dropping

Today I woke up with a very nice view: SNOW! Yesterday I stayed inside the entire day, studying for an exam I will take on wednesday. But today I have to get to college so I make sure I am warm and cosy.

Shirt - H&M
Vest - Bershka
Jeans - Bershka
Boots - Tommy Hilfiger
Scarf - H&M


Body stuff

I am always looking for the perfect body cream, especially during winter time. My skin tends to get really dry and on some spots I even get eczema. It is really annoying to have a dry, itchy skin so I was happy to be invited by buzzer to try the new line of Nivea - Repair & Care. I also got some samples for my friends so they can try it out too. I'm excited if this is the product that will work for me. I'll keep you posted!


CHANEL - The Beauty pack


I wanted to share this fun video of CHANEL with you guys. I think this video does a great job capturing the essence of thinking 'out of the box'. Tomorrow there will be a new beauty related post.
Enjoy your evening!


No fashion today

Once in a while I am working at my old school as a trainer. Not the typical workout trainer but one that teaches students the best way they can handle difficult clients. And those clients are not just difficult, most of the time they have heavy problems with their physical health.

Before psychology, which is my current study, I was busy with my study pedagogy. When I graduaded 2 years ago I wanted to give back some of the things I've learned. I decided I wanted to train new students on their communicative skills.

Today I had to play a client that was schizofrenic. To make my role a bit more plausible, I had to adjust my outfit to it. So today it was all about ripped jeans and big oversized sweaters...

Hope you have a nice day!


Pastel Pink

I love pastel colors.. This blouse has been in my warderobe for quite some time but I never really had a chance to wear it. Today I'm staying home because I have to study, so this outfit is doable. If I would wear it outside I would combine it with a black blazer. Don't worry, I have a small skirt underneath but you can't tell by these photos... Hope you have a nice day!

Blouse - ASOS
Hoisery - Primark
Skirt - H&M
Boots - Kickers
Watch - Guess collection
Silver bracelet - Handmade
Ring - H&M


New addiction

A friend of mine told me about this site and ever since I saw it I am almost obsessed with scrolling through hundreds of beautiful photographs. Each photograph has a different vibe. Some are mysterious, others are relaxing. But above all, I find them a great source of inspiration.



Just a quick photo.. These are the things I will be wearing during clubbing tomorrow evening. I already had to pack my bag because I won't be able to stop by my house after college.

What are you doing tomorrow evening?


 I am totally in love with these new nail polishes from Chanel, especially April. Such a classic color, yet a bit different than a classic red. BUT I like May too (especially for summer) and because these polishes are quite pricy (€22), I will have to choose..

What color would you pick?


All denim

So here it is.. My first outfitpost! This is what I am wearing today; an all denim look. Hope you like it.

Blouse - H&M divided
Knitted top - H&M
Jeans - Mango
Shoes - Sacha
Watch - Guess Collection
Ring - Kitson


I heart these

I absolutely love this little jacket.. Would be perfect for spring and a great piece to add to my warderobe.
Unfortunately, I haven't seen it in stores or the online shop.

In the mean time, this baby is on its way. I love it when two totally different fabrics are combined in one product. As in this bag; the textured suede with the soft looking (fake) leather.

Tell me.. What's on your wishlist?



Just a quick update. Yesterday I had to go to class at 9am! Way to early after 2 weeks of doing only fun stuff. But I survived! Today was also a busy day, but productive. And tomorrow I'll be celebrating Sinterklaas and Christmas with some friends. Which we named: Sintekerst. Quite overdue but hey, who doesn't like to give and recieve gifts and eat loads of good food. By the way, an outfitpost is on its way. So stay tuned!


A day at the beach

Here are some photos I took during my trip to the beach. The weather was lovely, I enjoyed the sun on my face which made me long for the summer even more. This is my last day of freedom, tomorrow morning I will have to get up early to be in time for class. But for now, let's enjoy this lazy sunday!

What are you up to?

All time favourites

All time favourites

I own some of these pieces, others are still on my wishlist. I think these pieces are timeless and a great addition to your warderobe. I always try to mix more expensive pieces with a couple cheaper alternatives. Of course I would like to buy the real deal but for a student, which I am, that's just not an option... Yet.

What are your favourite pieces?


As good as gold

Finally I'm the owner of the H&M haircuff! After visiting every single H&M store in Amsterdam, Kinerd from the Ellegirl forum was able to buy one for me. So sweet! I can't wait to recieve this one.

Hello blogworld

For almost 3 years I have been reading blogs about fashion, beauty and photography but never really got the guts to start one my own. But I decided it was time for a change. And here I am; writing my very first blogpost. An exciting start of 2012.

My blog will be a mix of fashion, beauty and whatever inspires me. Hope you will enjoy reading my posts.