Inspiration | Memories on your wall

- I found these pictures on the web and do not claim to own them nor made them myself, they are inspirational. All credit goes to the ones who made it -
Don't you just love the way those pictures decorate those rooms? I know I do. A couple of years ago I saw a wall like this at Sex And The City and was sold. But somehow the idea about creating a wall like this, dissapeared. Until I found these pictures on the net. Maybe I'll put this into action and create a picture-wall like this on the wand that's still empty in my bedroom. Do you have anything like this at your place, or would you like to have one?

5 opmerkingen:

  1. Gaaf zeg! Ik vind dit echt heel mooi :)

  2. Love die 1-na laatste foto! Zou er zo intrekken! Thanks voor je comment op me blog girl! Ik volg je, if you like follow me back :)

    X Laura

  3. Wauw, super inspirerend! Ik heb echt zin om mijn huisje te verbouwen nu :)

  4. Mooi zeg! leuk voor de lente om eens wat te veranderen.
    Thanks for sharing.