honestly WTF
ARM CANDY - Oh how much I love these bracelets. I just can't get enough. After creating the hex nut bracelet I just couldn't get these babies out of my mind. I've purchased some goodies online to create some more. Can you guess which one it will be?



INSTAWEEK - So here are some shots I took during the last twp weeks on my phone.

1. Painted my nails in a peach color
2. Went to the World Press photo and saw some shocking pictures
3. Had dinner with my parents and grandma at a lovely restaurant nearby the water
4. Waiting with a friend during an experiment at uni
5. My favourite hair tie
6. A sneak peak of my outfit
7. Relaxing in the sun with my beloved jumpsuit
8. A snapshot from my summer wardrobe, i cannot wait to wear this stuff



ZARA LOOKBOOK JUNE - How fresh and clean are these looks from ZARA! I really think you should go and check out their lookbook this month. It's full of unique and inspirational pieces, great for summer. But mostly I like the timeless look of these outfits. Not only great this season but also for 2013 or even 2014 if you ask me. Enjoy your weekend!